----My name is Bernhard Keller (born 1947), I live in Cologne. I worked until my pension (early 2013) as a teacher in a special school for emotional and sozial disturbed children. (Heinrich-Böll-Schule in Frechen)
For this work my additional psychotherapeutic studies in "Logotherapy & Existential Analysis"(Viktor E. Frankl) are very helpful. More informations about this psychotherapy (Viktor E. FRANKL), orientated at the "search of meaning": look to links. All these logotherapeutic thoughts in this type of special school was a good help for me in the regular counseling of the parents, in teaching these
behavioral children in the classroom, in case discussions and for myself as help for self-help, so now is my focus after my retirement rather to the counseling and care of seriously ill and dysfunctional patients in the hospital, in order to reach a sense-oriented adjustment attitude in conversations or listening in attempt to help the patient logotherapeutically, even in their suffering still find a meaning by itself.

Other areas of interest are my love to the mountains (many greatest routes in the summer and winter), the Schlaraffia-play (I am the knight "TRAVERSO" in Cologne, called Colonia Agrippina), numerous theological questions and the active engagement in the so called "mental-spiritual healing". This is a kind of "healing by laying hands on patient" and/or prayer for the sick the way it was practiced in England for decades in hospitals (together in a team with professional doctors). It is also still practiced this way in many churches and special public healing-centers - as a way of selfless christian charity."
Painting and also music (I play transverse flute in a Symphony Orchestra - called: "Junge Sinfonie
") are a wonderful compensation for my professional job at school. During my holidays, mostly in the montains ( climbing in summer or skiing in winter) I was painting and learned many constructions-features of painting from my friends, which were almost painting architects. So I developed my own "Mixing Technology" step by step ( watercolor painting + flourishing + etching + colors of light-glaze-transparency or wax on materials like cardboard, canvas or rough watercolor painting paper with different struktures ).
After my discovery of the computer in 1991 I transferred my "Mixing Technology" to this new medium, thus enlarging it with many new computer possibilities. Now it's wonderful to create two different sorts of pictures:
One way of my painting is to create natural images, so that you are not able to recognize the use of this digital medium.
Other creations will be painted by using all sorts of filters and various features of my software in such a way, that the use of these possibilities is obvious on the first view.
From all digital picture files I make films (commendable: "viabild" - cologne), which can be enlarged to 50 x 60 and now print on my color laser printer (TEXTRONIX) too. Recently I let make pictures on A0 plotter.
My pictures are exhibited regulary in Cologne and within a radius of Cologne (Erftstadt, Brühl, Bonn ...). As a member of an "Artist Circle" of teachers - also called "Kreidekreis" - I also run weekend workshops, where I show people various possibilities of painting and they can train this versatile artistic and medium, working with a PC and grafic tablet (WACOM). I hope to motivate visitors and also other teachers, to use this new medium in digital painting with there pupils at school.
I also demonstrate my "digital painting & foto-composing" at other art exhibitions with my"Artist Circle" of teachers. Above all I'm always fasinated by young visitors, who paint uninhibitedly there pictures with the computer and then proudly take home there printed expressions.
... about my pictures
I would like to point at two developments in my works:
First direction:
"ALHAMBRA" may be an example for my "Mixing Technology" (using scans, making foto - composing, working with erasers, wet-wiping colours and many various filters by PHOTOSHOP and PAINTER).
Second direction:
"ANGEL" may be an example for my "Aquarelle Painting Technology" (few or absolutly no scans, almost exclusive use of wet digital materials, liquid colours and wet-wiping strokes by PAINTER.
... about my soft- and hardware
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ADOBE: Photoshop CS 6 (Creative Suite Premium), Dimensions,...

Capture One Pro 7

FRACTAL-DESIGN: Painter X3 ("digital painting"), now by COREL

and many plugins like:

Perfekt Photo Suite 10 (on1-Software)

NIK Software „Complete Collection“


ANDROMEDA: all Series

ALIENSKIN: Eye Candy 7, Exposure 7 u.a.

EXTENSIS: Phototools + Frame + Intellihance

WACOM: Fotofilter

HUMANSOFT: Squizz, Textissimo, Ottopath


DEEP PAINT - Hemisphere

and many filter of FACTORY


PC with Pentium Core i7 CPU

OCZ-Agility 4 SSD

3 TB - WD-Black - drive

EIZO: FlexScan SX2461W with grafic board GeForce GTX770

SYQUEST: SyJet + SQ327 removable cartridge drives

EPSON-Scanner V750 PRO

NIKON: Film Scanner

TEKTRONIX-Xerox: Phaser - Color Laser Printer

WACOM: INTUOS 5 - DIN-A4 grafic tablet

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