Hi folks....

At piccys !! Yep I know ya guys and gals waited a long time for this. Enjoy now !
Music here is "Miyu End Theme".

Welcome to the 3rd edition. Here you can spot me at my favourite place in the Netherlands

Hi, yes you are right here.. For all who came here for the first time , please go to the "First-Edition". And for my old guest here are the new ones ! And again it`s another mix of the last months. If ya wanna know about my favourites and me then ya have go to the "Second Edition" !

Click on the photos to get an larger view of them and listen the cool C64 Sid tunes there. The Musik there gives every picture the right atmosphere. So I recommeded you to install the C64-SID plugin (found in the DOWNLOAD-Area). It will be very boring just look the pictures with no sound. Enjoy !

You can also download all the SID-FILES (767 KB) I used here in the Homepage !

Oh, by the way, here is a link to all piccys from the 1st Edition ! For all those who miss it !

And here is a link to the 2nd Edition and some personal datas of mine.

Here we are again in Renesse and this time I did some piccys from my real favourite place !

Thiz place is looks boring..but beautiful !
I luv it !

I have no words for this piece of earth... I really canīt discribe it.

I think I am a real nature freak !!

Forest or Beach?
Donīt let this piccy fool isnīt that what you think !

Welcome to Madurodam
Here I am at Madurodam. The greatest little city in the netherlands ! No..not Legoland !!!

The parade wil start in 1 minute!
Hey, you wanna join this parade... I wish you lotta fun !

Just look at those details !!! Unbelieveable !!

Up up and away !
No they canīt fly.. but they can move....

The famous chinese Ice-Art Exhibition on european tour !!

Hi..I am freezing !
Here is Zheny with the lion !

Canadian Mountys
I think even Cinderella would be ashamed of this one !!

Cool !
Ok, I canīt be cooler than now...

Woooaaa.. Here I come !!!

Nice weather..nice flowers!
Dunnot ask me what kind of flower this is.. but I call it snowball and it grows in my garden.

On the road again
Hmm..just parking for free...hehehe..

De Efteling
De Efteling Parc in the Netherlands

Look what we have here!
You like water action..well here you can have fun !

CSD 2000.
Here I am at the St. Christophers Day in Cologne !

The Crowds
Damm..where are the crowds coming from?

Oh lala..Look at these tough guys ! Great piece ?

The parade
This is one of the over 140 trucks of the parade !

The cologne dome!
The parade ends at the famous cologne cathedral !

Here I have the luck to be at the front !

2 Lesbians
Two lesbians in love...

2 Gays
Oh, just look at these 2 sweet lovers !

Wow, what a funky punky girl !

Lost treasures
What the hell is he looking there???

Me and Gay
Ha, here a nice piccy from me and a cool dude !

Summertime !
This picture I dedicate to my best friend Christine!

Oh a nearly forgotten Turkey picture....

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Me again!
Ok, itīs time to change the shoes and go for more action !

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