For those who really read all text, thanx for beeing patient. Hope ye got a good time. And donīt flame me for that horrible english.... But remembering the good old innocent times brings sum little tearsdrops in my eyes... Actually Homepagesize is about 102 Megabytes.

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AMD K6-2/450 - DFI K6XV3+/66 Supersocket 7 Motherboard - 14.5 GB Western Digital - 15.2 GB IBM DJNA Harddisk - 328 Megabytes SDrams - Geforce 2 MX 200 Pixelview 64 MB RAM - Matrox M3D (PVR2) 4 MB accelerator card - 4/4/32 Rewriter - Iomega Tape 250 Streamer and external 100 MB Zip Drive - Scanner Artec Scanrom 4e - Crystal PCI Soundcard - 2 MB Midi Add-on Card - Sinotech 300 W ATX Bigtower - Zoltrix K56 flex/X2/V90 external Modem - Wavemaster Sound Speaker System - Microsoft Defender Mouse - 15" Scott Monitor - Compaq Aero Contura Subnotebook 4/25

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