Ah, the famous C64 demos. The C64 was the computer system with the most demos ever created in the world...followed by the Amiga. So here you get an actually status about the latest (?) limits of a 64 K System. Load them with the CCS-64 emulator and be stunned !! Thanx to Jesper "JEZ" Nielsen for fast support! For more kewl C64 Demos go to teh JEZ homepage!


Described as "The most delayed c64 demo ever" Altered States 50% only contains half of the parts originally intended for this demo. Still, it's 2 disk-sides crammed with spectacular effects and mindblowing code.

OUTBREAK (Smash Designs)

Outbreak from 1998 is one of the most impressive 64k dentros I have ever seen. It's absolutely amazing how many cool effects AEG fits into this brilliant onefiler.

ONEDER (Oxyron)

Stunning effects, beautiful graphics, a Doom engine, fantastic gouraud shading and all in one file. A true classic.


Don't let that tame logo fool you. This demo holds some truly amazing film-style animations. A great demo for all thos who like cool 3D objects!


The most impressive video-animation-demo to date. There is no fun without animation!

HALFBAKED (Warriors of Wasteland)

Nice trackmo. Cool Cartoon-Zoomscrolling !

ORANGI. (Extend)

Absolutely stunning effects. Is this finally the end of 4x4 code?

PARTS (Oxyron)

Usual brilliance from the gods in Oxyron. Fantastic spherical bitmaps !


Another great oldschool demo with lotta colours and scrollings !

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