The SID-Files

At is it. Get an imagine of the unbelieveable sound-abilities of a good old 6580 SID chip. Of course you have to install the SID-PLUGIN from the Download area to listen these old, but timeless muzak.

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This is my alltime favourite SID from Fred Grey.
Music (C) 1986 by Fred Grey

Ah, Katakis... one of my favourite sidescroll shootergame.
Music (C) 1988 by Chris Hülsbeck/Rainbow Arts

Chuck Rock
A really good adaption from the Amiga. Try the MOD !
Music (C) 1998 by Gabriele Priarone

Another Chris Hülsbeck classic. This was one of the real good Stuntman-Game on the C64.
Music (C) 1987 Chris Hülsbeck / Rainbow Arts

To be on top
It seems Chris hears all of our wishes and create a music game for the fans.
Music (C) 1987 Chris Hülsbeck / Rainbow Arts

I was stunned by this simple but great muzak. When got the game for the first time, the disk had an error after the title screen. So could only listen the music. 4 years later I got the 100% version with trainer !
Music (C) 1986 by ? / Epyx

Ocean Loader V3
The famous loader with better drums. Original written by Peter Clarke. V3 adaption by M. Galway.
Music (C) 1986 Martin Galway - P. Clarke / Ocean

Hollywood Poker Pro
This game had a digitized dancing girl in the Intro. I like the Zoom-Funktion..hehehe
Music (C) 1989 Chris Hülsbeck / reline

Hollywood Poker
The first release of Hollywood Poker. I prefer this more than the Pro version.
Music (C) 1987 Holger Gehrmann / Golden Games

Turbo Outrun
A fantastic combination of digi samples and SID-Tune. It was the music of the year. but dunnot ask me which year.
Music (C) by 1989 Jeroen Tel US-Gold/Probe

Outrun Cover
A fantastic cover from the original Outrun Tune. Great job from Knatter.
Music (C) 1989 by Knatter / XAKK

Jau, my favourite game. And I really manage to the end. Did you remeber the sound when Kane falls from the horse..."aarrggghh" - digi ! Oh, the horse-sprite is one of the best I ever seen.
Music (C) 1985 Mastertronic.

A very athmospheric muzak. And of course ye all remembers the great scrolling maze. But somehow I never understood the game...
Music (C) 1986 by Andromeda Software (Hungaria) / Ariolasoft

Psi 5 Trading Company
Here the loading music from a game with fantastic 320x200 16 colour graphics.
Music (C) 1986 Ed Bogas American Action/Accolade

Yie ar kung fu
A nice fighting game with really cult character.
Music (C) 1986 Martin Galway / Imagine

Turrican Picture
This music is a picture from a demo called Turrican. But good music anyway.
Music (C) 1990 Stefan Hartwig / Digital Excess

Digi Organizer
This muzak is really cool, but never see the demo which is used for.
Music (C) 1992 by Tracker/Padua

A very very special kind of music. A great music from a great composer.
Music (C) 1985 Fred Grey/Beyond Software

Thai- Boxing
A great 3d perspective Thai boxing fighting game with lotta blood on face !! This was the first step to 3D fighting games !!
Music (C) 1986 by M. Murphy/Anco Software

Ultima IV - Quest for Avatar
Dunnot ask me about this game.. I never had any idea how to play it. It was like a book with 7 seals.
Music (C) 1985 by Kenneth W. Arnold / Origin

Grand Prix Circuit (Testdrive 2)
I love thiz fantastic Formular 1 racing game. And the cool muzak. I had won every race...what a Game!
Music (C) by Kris Hatleid / Accolade

Monty on the run!
This muzak influence a whole generation. This is a true classic from Robb Hubbard.
Music (C) by Robb Hubbard / Gremlin Graphics

Bangkok Knights
Cool Loadermusic for a great fighting game in 3D perspektive. Huge Sprites !! Game programmed in recordtime of 1-2 week !
Music (C) 1987 by Matt Gray / System 3

The first Turrican ever....
Music (C) 1990 by Ramiro Vacca / Rainbow Arts

Another famous hit from the Robb Hubbard. Another classic from him.
Music (C) 1986 Robb Hubbard / Thalamus

Usagi Yojimbo
A sidescroll fighting game. The characters are animals. A game where you have to prove your karma.
Music (C) 1988 by Gregg Holland / Beam Software

Way of the exploding fist 2
There is nothing to say... athmospheric music which fits perfect to the athmospheric game. And this time you can also fight again an wild animal. But unfortunately too much bugs in the game.
Music (C) 1986 Gregg Holland / Melbourne House

The way of the exploding fist!
The first 2D fighting game on the C64 (over 700 sprites and digitized speech) which was perfect playable. Coool!
Music (C) 1985 Greg Holland / Melbourne House

The sacred armour of Antiriad
Listen this cool and modern tune.. very atmospheric!!
Music (C) 1986 Richard Joseph / Palace Software

Defender of the crown
A great strategic action mix with wonderful graphics played in the medival england.
Music (C) 1987 Richard Joseph / Cinemaware

Cauldron 2
The best witch game for the C64 with fantastic sprites and cool effects.
Music (C) 1986 Richard Joseph / Palace Software

Down at the trolls
A long ignored tune.. but I like it... it has a Chris Hülsbeck untypical style!
Music (C) 1988 Chris Hülsbeck / Rainbow Arts

This is a future ballgame from Denton-Designs (ex Imagine).. Cool sprites and the first animated score counter !
Music (C) 1986 Fred Gray / Beyond

Glider Rider
Hear the typical David Whittaker music-style. He is famous for it.....
Music (C) 1986 David Whittaker / Quicksilva

Last Ninja 2
Once dead but no destroyed... The last ninja is back in the New-York of today !
Music (C) 1988 Matt Gray / System 3

Kikstart 2
With the high´s a very special sound for me....
Music (C) 1987 Mr. Chip Software

Giana Sisters
A cool muzak from a great Mario-Clone-Game.
Music (C) 1987 Chris Hülsbeck / Time Warp Productions

The legend of Kage
A fast track... can also used in hollywood productions for fast action chasings....
Music (C) 1987 Fred Gray / Imagine

Cybernoid 2
A classic Maniacs of Noise tune...
Music (C) 1988 Jeroen Tel / Hewson

I loved thiz game cause it contains so much funky tunes to discover !! Tony and Mark kicks their smocking habbit in 6 months of programming.
Music (C) 1985 Tony Gibson & Mark Harrison / Virgin Games Ltd.

Great Graphics and a coool atmospheric sound...
Music (C) 1989 Jeroen Tel / System 3

Green Beret Loader Music
A superb Arcade Adaption and the music on the C64 was even cooler.... listen that dangerous muzak !
Music (C) 1986 Martin Galway / Imagine/Konami

Blood Money
Maybe this should be some kind of Acid music?
Music (C) 1990 Sonic Graffiti / Psygnosis

Another cool arcade adaption from Chris Butler...Robb full-finished this funky tune in just 9 hours !
Music (C) 1985 Robb Hubbard / Elite

Something special lies in thiz sound....endless...
Music (C) 1986 Mike Alsop / The Edge

Batman - The Movie
Maybe I loved the Amiga version, so I put the C64 version here. A good tune anyway.
Music (C) 1989 Matthew Cannon / Ocean

Martin Galways finest hour..... he is the J.M. Jarre on the C64 !
Music (C) 1987 Martin Galway / Ocean

Target Renegade
A cool street gang fighting game....very interesting music !!
Music (C) 1988 Gary Biasillo / Imagine

The Corporation
I don´t like this game..but the graphics was ok... a real corporation tune !
Music (C) 1988 Activision

Auf Wiedersehen, Monty !
Another cool tune..but didn´t reach the class of the original !!
Music (C) 1988 Robb Hubbard & Ben Daglish / Gremlin Graphics

International Karate Plus
The best fighting game on the C64 and Amiga. Both coded by Archer Maclean. I never managed to reach the 10th Dan.
Music (C) 1987 Robb Hubbard / System 3

I Ball
Never played this game. But the muzak is still great, eh?
Music (C) 1987 Robb Hubbard / Firebird

Daley Thompon´s Decathlon !
A real old game and famous for his joystick killing abilities !!! You remember it?
Music (C) 1984 Martin Galway & David Dunn / Ocean Software

Bombjack 2
Hmm ... a cool adaption of the Thundercats Music from Mark !
Music (C) 1986 Mark Cooksey / Elite

Spy vs Spy
I just luv it...
Music (C) 1985 First Star Software

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